KarpanTechnochem International was established in 2004 as a SME, manufacturing & Marketing of Plant Growth Promoters & Bio organic Fertilizers.

KarpanTechnochem International is a Partnership Company started by two ...Read More
Bio Quit
Fulvic Acid
Hi Charge
Humi Amino Zyme Liquid
Humi Amino Zyme NB Granules
Humi Green Granules
Natural Liquid Sulphur
Potassium Humate Fine Powder
Potassium Humate Shining Flakes
Power Plus
Seaweed Extract Flakes
Silicon Powder
Spreader-Grade 1
Spreader-Grade 2
Protinated Bio Fertilizer
Amino Acid Liquid 20 %
NATC Powder
Amino Acid Powder 75 %
Organic NPK Granules
Ammonium Potassium Humate
Anti Viral Powder
Super Humic Acid
Root Spring
Activated Potassium Silicate
Cytofol Liquid
Organic Micro Nutrient
Seed Treatment Product
New Items
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